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It is my mission to serve as an open conduit through which the most loving and healing energies flow, for the benefit of all forms of life.

It is of great importance for me to assist in balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I believe we are here to be loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving with ourselves and others…

If we can truly learn to love and honor ourselves, the possibilities for healing and growth in our bodies and lives is unlimited. The energy we are putting into today is creating our tomorrow.

Every thought we think and word we use is creating our reality.

It’s as if our thoughts go out into the universe and are accepted and brought back to us as our experiences!

Affirmations + Actions = Miracles


Among the various healing modalities I use, each session is uniquely attuned to your needs at the moment.

As a Spiritual Coach, I help you remember your inner abilities, and transform your life, so that you can live according to the spiritual principals of love, compassion and forgiveness.

As an Reiki Master/Teacher, I incorporate Reiki in my sessions. Reiki Energy is Divine Energy and it’s channeled allowing for Aura and Chakra Balancing and Healing to take place. I incorporate Reiki in my sessions, invoking the presence of your Angels and Spirit Guides, so that the process is guided by them.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art administered by the laying on of hands through the palms. It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – “Rei” which means “God’s wisdom or the Higher Power” and “Ki” which is “Life Force Energy.” So, Reiki is actually, “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.”

We are alive because life force energy is flowing through us. Life force energy flows within the physical body and it also flows around us in a field of energy called the Aura.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I incorporate hypnosis in my coaching sessions to access the subconscious mind.  Upon request, hypnosis is not used.

About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration and deep relaxation.  It allows suggestions to bypass the conscious mind in order to reach the subconscious mind directly. The subconscious controls more than 85% of your mind… All of your life experiences, past conditioning, good or bad experiences, and beliefs, have already been accepted as ‘truth’ by the subconscious, mostly without your permission.  Through Hypnosis, negative behaviors can be accessed and replaced with positive, life enhancing patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be hypnotized? Yes, everyone has the ability to be hypnotized.

Will I do anything that I don’t want to? You’re always in control. You can’t be forced to say or do anything against your own will.

What does it feel like it? Your body may feel asleep and/or very relaxed, and your mind becomes quiet and focused.

How many sessions will I need? It varies with each person and goals. Hypnosis is a very effective modality and usually takes much less time than any other method.

Areas of Interest

Following is a partial list of the many applications of coaching and hypnotherapy. Use it as a guide to areas that may be of interest to you.

Life Purpose

Spiritual Awakening

Reiki Healing

Chakra Balancing

Angel Communication

Spirit Guides Contact

Past and Future Life Exploration

Living in the “NOW”

Medical Intuition

Self-Esteem/Confidence Building

Positive Thinking

Phobias and Fears

Unwanted Habits

Diabetes and Sugar Related Issues

Anger and Irritability

Emotional Blocks

Financial Issues/Success

Relaxation/Stress Management

Smoking Cessation

Asthma/Shortness of Breath

Weight Management/Eating Habits

Health and Rejuvenation

Medical Conditions

Chronic Pain Relief

Terminal Illnesses

Memory Enhancement


School: Study Habits/Exams

Public Speaking

Right Career Path/Choice

Changing Careers

Sports Performance/Athletic Abilities

Enhancing Physical Body

Relationship Enhancement

Forgiveness Issues/Reconciliation

Children: Teen Issues/Bad Attitude

Any Behavioral Issues

Eyesight Improvement

Health and Vitality


Become a Certified Reiki Master of the Usui Order

Reiki Certificate Programs – Please call or email me for more information, thank you.

The below link is for my current Reiki Classes, and other workshops: 

Tucson Spiritual Center

Tucson, AZ
116 Journeyers

Hello, my name is Marissa. I am a Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki/Master Teacher. I am so excited to form this group! I am offering classes to those with the desire…

Next Meetup

Master/Teacher Third Degree Reiki Certification – TWO DAYS M…

Sunday, Mar 22, 2015, 12:30 PM
4 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →


“Marissa Leib has absolutely changed my life for the better. For the first time, in a very long time, I actually care about myself in a loving, accepting way. I have more energy; sleep better; eat better; and my body and hormones, which has been imbalanced for years, has leveled! I started Reiki and hypnotherapy sessions expecting to leave unchanged but I have had the most incredible, affirming experience possible. Marissa is absolutely lovely and engaging and I highly recommend her.” L. S., Tucson, AZ

“I went to Marissa to learn Reiki and received much more. Through her guidance, I was able balance energy and began shaping my intentions in a more positive and responsible direction. Marissa I could not have hoped for a better experience.” B. B., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa is a gifted healer and wonderful listener who has helped me a great deal with some long-standing issues in only a few sessions. I would give her a six-star rating if I could!” T.T., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa is a true professional and provides a therapeutic service that is truly magnificent!  She is able to create a relaxing atmosphere and tap into your subconscious through Reiki and Hypnotherapy that really helps transform your behaviors and life. I went to see her for help with performance anxiety (taking standardized tests for admission to graduate school) and she helped give me the confidence to get my best score EVER!  I will continue to see her on a regular basis because everything she does (even if focusing on a specific issue) helps your overall well being!  Marissa is great; I highly recommend seeing her if you want to make improvements in your life! Marc W., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa has changed my life forever.  Anxiety and depression are now things of the past.  I am more at ease and happier than I have ever been.” Julie R., Tucson, AZ

“After ten years of cooking with repetitive wrist motions I came to a point where the pain in my wrists was unbearable.  Sleep would elude me, due to the constant throbbing and searing pain all day and night.  I felt hopeless and I refused to go to the doctor for a quick fix pill.  After one Reiki session I was feeling the results and all these months later I am no longer losing sleep.  Just believe in yourself and Reiki can make a difference.  Thank You, Marissa, you are a Godsend.” J. N., Charlotte, NC

“My husband started going to hypnotherapy sessions with Marissa for his anger issues, in the first session I noticed a difference by the 2nd-3rd session the whole family started noticing he was changing and not losing his temper as much.  A few months into his therapy he told me to go see her as she was also a spiritual counselor and I had been down b/c my mother had passed.  I was very skeptical, went to my first session not wanting to give her any info that she could use lol that very first session changed my life completely. I now have learned how to be more positive, how I have to be in control of my life and not blame others, it taught me how to notice the signs my mom is showing me to tell me she is still here with me and has not left me all alone in this world.  After a few sessions I lost my job of 12 years and I can truly say that if it wasn’t because of my sessions with Marissa I would have thought my world was ending and would have fallen into a depression. I am happy with my life, I see things differently I am so thankful I went to see her when I did.” A.J., Tucson, AZ

“Hi Marissa, it is a true blessing to have crossed paths with you in this life. First and foremost it was an amazing experience to meet you and your high frequency angelic spirit/higher self. You gave outstanding insight/advice. Your energy healing has taken my frequency to a place it’s never been before. You’re a blessing to all you come in contact with.”  Infinite Blessings, Ben C., Tucson, AZ

“Taking an hour out of my day to seek relaxation and meditation was the best choice I have made for myself.  I was brought back to my center and I have been able to manage my stress and live without interruption.  My treatment with you turned my whole life around!” M. Borg, Tucson, AZ

“Marissa has taught me many, many things.  The biggest one is the importance of staying in the present moment.  She has helped me through extremely tough times and continues to help me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically.  She is an amazing person and wonderful at what she does.  I wouldn’t have been able to make it through such difficult situations without her!  Thank you with all my heart!” xxoo D.M., Grafton, WI

“I know there have been times I have “fought” you in your quest to help me through my path, and there have been many things I have shared with you about myself and my family I have never told anyone.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for never judging me, for seeing the good in me- when I have showed you some of my worst, oh my!- and for not giving up on me.  I really do appreciate it.  I think about you often- sometimes wishing I could carry you in my pocket to ask for your advice 🙂 Just know, even when we don’t speak, you are very much in my heart and on my mind.” All my love, V., Brooklyn, NY

“I believe that things in life do not just happen as a coincidence.  Meeting you was like an appointment set up by my Angels, they knew that I needed your help so I could learn to love and accept myself.  I did not learn this until my heart was ready but through our work, breathing, meditation, and quieting my mind you taught me how to love me, to believe in me.  There is beauty and healing in my life.  Through our work I now see that, feel it and am learning to live it.  Thank you Marissa.” Veronica S., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa is a truly kindhearted person with true intentions of wanting to help you.  She helped me when I was desperate and I don’t know what I would have done without her.  She makes me believe that we can do anything and achieve anything as human beings and reminds us of our power.  She has helped me stay positive and grow in my spirituality and healing.  For this I am very thankful to Marissa.” Daniela F., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa is fantastic, there are not enough words to describe just how wonderful she is! I have tried many times to quit smoking and used every product out there but just could not seem to quit. With Marissa’s guidance and hypnotherapy, I have not smoked in almost a year. She has a wealth of knowledge about healing, spirituality and hypnotherapy. She is truly gifted and I would highly recommend her to anyone.” M.C., Tucson, AZ

“Hi Marissa!  Just wanted to let you know that I am so glad to have found you.  My spirit is high, I am sleeping well and am the most positive I have been in a long time.  Just very at ease and feeling great!!!  You are an Angel…..Looking forward to our next meeting.” 🙂 Hugs, S.F., Tucson, AZ

“Thank you for the enlightening experience last week.  The feelings carried through the day with me being Happy.  I have learned something new through the hypnotism that I experienced.  This session has lifted me Spiritually to a new level and will continue to grow.  If you are open minded, it is definitely a way to find answers.  Thank you for showing me a new way.” C.B., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa Leib is a warm, compassionate, skillful healer. I have accomplished personal goals in a very short time with help and hypnotherapy from her that had previously taken years in traditional therapy. She gets my highest recommendation and there is almost no issue that cannot be addressed with her very effective hypnotherapy and energy healing. She radiates positive energy and can help with stress, self esteem issues, weight loss and smoking cessation. She has successfully helped me with sleep issues from the very first visit. She offers very reasonable rates and I look forward to my visits with her. I come away feeling rejuvenated as from a relaxing vacation. She is a true healer and recommend her highly to anyone.” Elsa O., Tucson, AZ

“Hi, my name is Jackie from Washington DC. I had an amazing experience of recovering my memory and my confidence with memory related issues after one session with Marissa. I suffered from poor memory and had difficulty retaining information for over 10 years now, and about a month ago I was able to regain my confidence and began memorizing things with ease after my first hypnotherapy session with Marissa. I recommend this work to anyone who needs to regain memory, confidence and general assurance in life.  Thank you Marissa for your wonderful work and I love everything that you do. God Bless You!”

“When I first saw Marissa I had no idea what Reiki was or what would happen. I did know that I was in a lot of pain physically and spiritually and couldn’t stand it anymore. I was having trouble in my marriage because intimacy scared me due to past childhood abuse. My self love was very low and I was filled with anger because of the things in my past. My first session with Marissa I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The second I walked into her office and sat down.. I felt wrapped in peace and love and I knew this was a good place to be. She helped me to find answers and after just two sessions I was able to start loving my husband and seeing him in a good light. I am learning to love myself and let go of my fears. I also had bronchitis while I was seeing her and after two weeks of coughing I was having chest wall pain. (basically bruised ribs from coughing.) My doctor had me taking ibuprofen 800 and pain medicine. I had been taking this medicine for two weeks and was wondering when it would go away. After our last session I felt a lot of warmth being poured into my chest and I have not had to take any medicine since then. It was amazing. Marissa is a very kind woman who wants to help and listen to you.” Crystal S., Tucson, AZ

“I just want to say that I’m very happy with all of the things Marissa has done for me and my life. I had been very unhappy for a very long time and my life had been taking me where I did not want to go but I didn’t know how to change it. Marissa helped me see where my blocks were and helped me become a happy person again. I appreciate her very much!!! Marissa, thank you for all of your help. I’m Blessed I’ve found you!!! Thank you for what you do, it’s very amazing!” Julija G., Tucson, AZ

“I came upon Marissa by way of some friends – who gifted me some sessions.  It was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  I was going through treatment for breast cancer and needed someone to talk to candidly and help heal me from my treatment.  The fact that Marissa has several different healing techniques helps you to tailor your spiritual healing needs in a way that feels best for you.  After each session I was left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and often with much less pain.  Marissa was always professional, punctual and happy to be around.  I would highly recommend her.” Blossum M., Tucson, AZ

“Marissa has created a loving space for me to grow and develop in Spirit for complete mind, body and soul balance. Marissa’s positive, no-nonsense approach continues to move me along my path with vigor and gusto. In my experience of approximately 1.5 years with Tucson Spiritual Center (TSC), it is with no doubt in my mind or soul, that Marissa will continue to lovingly guide me in reaching my fullest potential. When I first began with her it was to clear and move beyond limiting thought patterns and beliefs. Now, she has brought me to a point of creating a powerful and Spirit-filled life as a healer. Thank you, Marissa, for all of your work, love, positivity and guidance.” A.C., Tucson, AZ

“It was most definitely a life changing experience – her techniques of hypnosis and affirmation work wonders.” J.B., Tucson, AZ

“Definitely notice a change for the better after the first session. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will continue to visit in the future.” D.D., Sierra Vista, AZ

“Marissa changed my life… I originally sought out Marissa for an intention session to help me start my business because I was having feelings of resistance. I found her website and immediately knew she could help me. She recognized that what I was going through was fear and lack of self love and confidence. The first thing that happened was that she helped me get rid of a worm phobia I have had for years and now they are not even an issue anymore. I felt immediately she saw me and the person that I was scared to be. Marissa is kind, wonderful, insightful, and a great listener and very good at identifying internal conflicts. Marissa has literally changed my life for the better. We are all a work in progress, but life is so much better when you have someone to help you with that work. I am so grateful for that and for her. Thank you, Marissa.” Love, Lily, Tucson, AZ

“Marissa is very talented at what she does. She has given me the tools to improve my life, and I have seen a marked improvement after just three sessions. I’m looking forward to seeing the results after a few more. Easy scheduling, convenient hours, and always on time.” A.C., Tucson, AZ

“We connected and I just love her energy. She is very responsive and inviting.. if you are looking for a calming yet energizing experience give her a call- you won’t be disappointed..”                                                                                                              K.T., Tucson, AZ

“With only one visit I could tell right away that she is going to be amazing to work with! I felt very comfortable and relaxed. For the first time I am excited about the journey I’m going to be taking to heal and find peace and happiness again.. Thank you Marissa!” J.M., Tucson, AZ

To discuss your particular needs, call 520.981.7409

Offices located in the central midtown area of Tucson, AZ, or phone/distant sessions available – – by appointment only.

*Office appointments, phone sessions and home visits available.

Hypnosis, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching are performed over the phone just as effectively as in person.  Phone sessions are available to local clients who are unavailable to come to the office and for those who live out of town.

(Center for Healing Arts, 2550 E Fort Lowell Road, Tucson AZ)

Please call or email me to set up an appointment, or if you have any questions.

Many Blessings to you!


Marissa Leib,

Spiritual Coach,

Certified Hypnotherapist,

Reiki Master/Teacher,

Aura/Chakra Balancing



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    You are so smart, beautiful, and terrific. I wish we were closer. Love and hugs, Aunt Louise

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